A Little House

Angelica Sanchez - A Little House, CD

Clean Feed, 2011

The musicians:

Angelica Sanchez (piano / toy piano)
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Release information and press

Clean Feed, Catalog ID: CF 206
Recorded and mastered on April 9th, 2010 at Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn, NY by Joe Marciano.

"Some kinds of music are best listened to alone and without distractions.

I would place this very personal solo piano album from Angelica Sanchez in that category – the returns for quiet listening are generous. Every piece is like a story told to you privately. There are surprises, interesting structures and references, elegant, inventive language and astonishingly original content. Even the completely improvised pieces seem to have a plot. If you plan to be shipwrecked on a desert island, bring a copy of "A Little House" with you."

          Carla Bley/June 2010

Angelica Sanchez - A Little House, CD

Track listing

  1. Chantico 2:14
  2. I'll Sign My Heart Away 4:07
  3. Along the Edge 4:36
  4. A Casinha Pequenina 7:42
  5. Stretched 5:26
  6. Up and Over 3:37
  7. Trickle 4:16
  8. Crawl Space 3:32
  9. Glow 4:56
  10. Giant Monks 5:05
  11. Jackaloop 4:51
  12. City Living 3:55
  13. Mimi 3:42