Concerts 2018 - Coming Soon


Concerts 2017


Jan 7th - Winter Fest at Sub Culture, Kris Davis Duo, 7pm

Jan. 11th - w/ Mike McGuiness & Tom Rainey, IBeam

Jan. 17th - Angelica Sanchez/Pheeroan Aklaff,

                   Art for Art, 7pm, 107 Suffolk St.


Jan 24th -  Angelica Sanchez/Pheeroan Aklaff, Korzo,  Brooklyn, NY

Feb. 24th & 25th - Sam Newsome Quartet w/ Mark Helias & Reggie Nicholson, Smalls, 10:30 NYC

March 25th - Wadada Leo Smith/ Angelica Sanchez, 7:30pm, Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek & Tyshawn Sorey, CD Release Concert, 9pm, Greenwich House, NYC


May 19 - Commissioned piece played by the Roseville Area High School Big Band under the direction of Pat Moriarty, St, Paul, MN


May 20 - Angelica Sanchez trio w/ Chris Bates, bass & Pete Hennig, drums,

              Black Dog Cafe & Wine Bar, St. Paul, MN, 8:30pm


July 18  - Kevin Norton’s Breakfast of Champignon(s), 9 pm, The Stone, NYC


August 16 - Master Class 2:30pm- SIM, School for Improvised Music, Brooklyn, NY,

September 2 - Kris Davis/Angelica Sanchez, Willisau Jazz Festival, Willisau, Switzerland


October 12 - Ben Goldberg Group - Michael Formanek / Tim Berne / Angelica Sanchez / Kenny Wollesen , The STONE, NYC


October 23 - Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek and Reggie Nicholson, Bar Lunatico, 8:30 & 10pm, Brooklyn, NY


October 27th & 28th - Sam Newsome Quartet,  Smalls,  NYC


Nov. 16 - Harris Eisenstadt Group w/ Sara Serpa and Angelica Sanchez, The Owl, Brooklyn, NY


Nov. 21 - Angelica Sanchez Group, Barbes, 7pm, Brooklyn





Concerts 2016


1/22/16 – Brandon Ross, Chad Taylor – Art for Art Evolving series, Clemente Soto Vez, NYC

2/1/16 –  Josh Sinton Group – Korzo, Brooklyn, NY

2/15/16 – Gergor Vidic Group, Seeds, Brooklyn, NY

2/27/16 – Tierra Mestiza, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez, Windup Space, Baltimore, MD

3/8/16 – Tierra Mestiza, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez, CD Release of Floresta


The Stone Residency

March 15th

8pm – Guillermo Gregorio, Kirk Knuffke, Kevin Norton, Angelica Sanchez

10pm – Kenny Wessel, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez


March 16th

8pm – William Parker, Pheeroan Aklaff, Angelica Sanchez

10pm - Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek and Tyshawn Sorey


March 17th

Set 5 - Angelica Sanchez, Judith Berkson, Mark Helias, Satoshi Takeishi

Set 6 – Angelica Sanchez - solo


March 18th

Set 7 – Tierra Mestiza - Angelica Sanchez/Omar Tamez

Set 8 – Magico w/ Vincent Chancey, Angelica Sanchez and Omar Tamez


March 19th

Set 9 – Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey Trio

Set 10 – Fortuna w/ Omar Tamez, Harvey Sorgen, Steve Rust


March 20th

Set 8pm & 10pm – Angelica Sanchez Nonet w/

Thomas Heberer, Kirk Knuffke, Chris Speed, Michael Attias, Ben Goldberg, Omar Tamez, John Hebert, Sam Ospovat




3/27/16 - Tierra Mestiza, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez, Art for Art Evolving Series

4/22/16 - Angelica Sanchez/ Pheeroan Aklaff Duo, Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY

4/23/16 - Tony Malaby, Angelica Sanchez, Tom Rainey,  Connection Works, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
               58 7th Ave, Brooklyn



9/16/16 - Angelica Sanchez Nonet, featuring:

                Chris Speed, Michael Attias, Ben Goldberg, Kirk Knuffke, Thomas Heberer, Omar Tamez, Sam Ospovat, John Hebert, Greenwich House, NYC


9/22/16- Kevin Norton's Breakfast of Champignon(s) , Interpretations series, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY,


9/23-24/16 - Sam Newsome Group, Smalls, NYC


10/9/16 - Tierra Mestiza, w/ Angelica Sanchez and Omar Tamez, Barbes, 7:30pm, Brooklyn, NY


10/21/16 - Tierra Mestiza, w/ Angelica Sanchez and Omar Tamez, The Bop Shop, Rochester, NY


11/13/16 - Marty Ehrlich Trio - The Stone, NYC









photo Eliseo Cardona