photo Eliseo Cardona



Jan. 12., Winter Jazzfest Currated by Terri Lyne Carrington, City Winery, 7:30pm, NYC

Jan 21 - Gideon Forbes Group, iBeam, Brooklyn, NY

Jan 24 -  Micheal Formank's Drome Trio w/ Angelica Sanchez, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

March 3 - Angelica Sanchez, Adam O'Farrill, Matt Pavolka, Reggie Nicholson, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

March 9 - Angelica Sanchez Group with Sam Newsome, John Hebert, Jamaica Center for the Arts, Jamaica, NY

March 10 - Wadada Leo Smith/Angelica Sanchez Duo, Amherst College, Amherst, MA

March 24 - Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra, Adler Planetarium, Chicago

March 25 - Rob Mazurek/Angelica Sanchez Duo, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago

March 26 - Tomeka Reid, Angelika Niescier, Angelica Sanchez, Chad Taylor, The Hungry Brain, Chicago

March 30 - Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra, Big Ears Fest., Knoxville, TN

March 31 - Jason Robinson Group, Amherst College, Amherst, MA

April 6. Sara Serpa Group,Seeds, Brooklyn

April 7- Sara Serpa Group,National Jazz Museum Harlem , NYC

April 15 - Angelica Sanchez, solo piano, Elysium Furnace Works, St. Andrew's & St. Luke's Church, Beacon, NY

April 16, Terry Jenoure Group, Roulette, Brooklyn 

April 22 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, Portland, ME, tba

April 23 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, Lily Pad, 3pm, Cambridge, MA

April 26, The Sophia Rosoff Concert Series: Jazz Piano Pairings 1,,8 PM  Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall

June 3- Andrew Bain Group, The Vortex, London, UK

June 5 - Andrew Bain Group,  Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Eastside Jazz Club, Birmingham, UK

June 10 - Rob Mazurek Group, Novara Festival, Italy

June 17 - Tomeka Reid Group, The Vision Festival, NYC

June 25 - Terry Jenoure/Angelica Sanchez, Bombyx, Easthampton, MA

June 27 - Terry Jenoure/Angelica Sanchez, Orchard Hill Farm, Alstead, NH

June 28 - Terry Jenoure/Angelica Sanchez, Soup and Sound, Brooklyn, NY

July 17 - Terry Jenoure Group, Hartford Jazz Society, Bushnell Park, CT

Sept. 29/30 - Angelica Sanchez, Adam O'Farrill, John Hebert, Reggie Nicholson, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

Nov. 1, Terry Jenoure Group, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA 

Nov. 15, Ramon Lopez, Barry Guy, Angelica Sanchez, Jazzdor, Stausbourg, France

Nov. 30 - Kenneth Jimenez Group, Helsinki, Finland




Feb. 1-3, Rob Mazurek Group, Son d'Hiver, Paris, France

Feb 6.-  Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek & Billy Hart, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

Feb. 12 - Ralph Alessi Quartet, Jazz Gallery, NYC

Feb. 24 - Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, Carnegie Hall, NYC

Feb. 26 - Sara Serpa Group, The Stone, NYC

March 9 - Tom Rainey, Brandon Lopez, The Stone, NYC

March 18 - Angelica Sanchez, Arts for Art Ukraine Benefit, NYC

March 22 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, Jazzdor, Strausbourg, France

March 23 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, Jazz a Poitiers, Poitiers, France

March 24 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, AJMI, Avignon, France

March 25 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, Private Concert, Paris, France

March 26 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, Werkplaats Walter, Brussels, Belgium

April 9 - Fay Victor Group, William Parker, Angelica Sanchez, Lesley Mok, The Stone, NYC

April 12 - Devin Gray, The Soap Box, Brooklyn, NY 

May 5 - Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey, Barbes, Brooklyn, NY

May 21, The Angelica Sanchez Trio, Billy Hart, Micheal Formanek, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

May 22 - ​Sara Serpa Group, Pittsburgh, PA

June 4 - Adam Kolker/Angelica Sanchez, Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn, NYC

June 5 - Terry Jenoure Group, Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares, Goshen, MA

June 11 - Terry Jenoure Group, Northampton Center for the Arts, Northhampton, MA

June 24 - The Angelica Sanchez, Hamid Drake, Michael Formanek, The Vision Festival, Brooklyn, NY

July 18 - William Paterson Summer Faculty Concert, The Jazz Room, William Paterson University

July 31 - Rob Mazurek, ESO, Jazz em Agosto, Lisbon, Portugal

October 9-14, Rob Mazurek Group, Skopje, Macedonia

October 26, Sam Newsome Quartet, Angelica Sanchez,Brandon Lopez, Reggie Nicholson, Brooklyn

October 30 - Terry Jenoure Group, Real ArtWays, Hartford, CT

Nov. 5 - Angelica Sanchez, Adam O'farrill, John Hebert, Reggie Nicholson, Jazz Gallery, NYC

Nov. 11, Artsforart, Jazz Libre series, Chad Taylor/Angelica Sanchez

Nov. 14-19, Towson University Artist Residency, Townson, MD

Dec. 2-3, Caroline Davis Group, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

Dec. 110 - The Joe Morris Group, Real ArtWays, Hartford, CT

Dec. 14 - Phillip Greenlief group, 411 Kent ave, Brooklyn, NY





April 21 - Sam Newsome Quartet, Smalls, NYC

May 4 - Sam Newsome Quartet, Bar Bayeux, Brooklyn

May 8 - Premiere of "Piece for Piano & Moog," Tectonics Festival, Glasgow, Scotland

May 21 - "Comparing Domains of Improvisation," Lecture, Columbia University

June 18 - Angelica Sanchez, Michael Formanek & Billy Hart, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

Oct. 28 - Andrew Bishop Group, Edgefest, Ann Arbor Michigan


Concerts 2020

Feb. 18 -  Sam Newsome Quartet, Smalls Club, NYC

Feb. 29 - Dave Ballou Group, Towson University, Maryland

March 16 - Angelica Sanchez Trio, Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn, NY CANCELLED

April 5 - Kenneth Jimenez Group, The Owl, Brooklyn, NY CANCELLED

April 10-11 - Sam Newsome Quartet, Smalls Club, NYC CANCELLED

April  22 - Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble - Xenogenisis, Hall Walls, Buffalo, NY CANCELLED

May 2 - Solo piano, Tectonics Festival, Glasgow, Scotland CANCELLED

May 7 - Paul Dunmall Group, Birmingham Conservatoire, England CANCELLED

June 13- Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Billy Hart and Michael Formanek, Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA CANCELLED

June 26 - Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Billy Hart and Michael Formanek, Jazz Gallery, NYC CANCELLED

July 3&4 - Mario Pavone Quartet, HappyLucky, Brooklyn, CANCELLED

Nov. 5 - Paul Dunmal Bigband, Birmingham Conservatoire, England  CANCELLE

Sept. 25 - Terry Jenoure "Portal," Jazz Shares, Amherst, MA,

Nov. 10 -Ramon Lopez, Barry Guy, Angelica Sanchez Trio, Jazzdor, Strasbourg, France CANCELLED

Nov. 12 -James Brandon Lewis,  Amherst, MA, Jazz Shares,




Jan. 10 - Malaby, Sanchez, Rainey Trio - Greenwich House, NY

Jan. 11 - Josh Abrahms' Group - Winter Jazz Festival, NUBLU, NYC

Jan. 17 - Kenny Warren Duo - 9pm, Balboa, 1655, Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 

Jan. 25 - Eva Novoa Duo, Ibeam, 8:30pm, Brooklyn, NY

Jan. 28 - The Angelica Sanchez Trio, w/ Michael Formanek & Chad Taylor, Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn, NY

Feb. 2 - The Nicole Mitchell Quartet, Lawrence University Jazz Series, 8pm, Appleton, WI

March 3 -  Vinny Sperrazza Group, w/ Sam Newsome, The OWL, 8pm, Brooklyn, NY

​March 9 - Andrew Cyrille's Haitian Fascination, The Kitchen, 8pm, NYC

April 7th - Pheeroan Aklaff/Angelica Sanchez, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

May 3 - The Angelica Sanchez Nonet, The Jazz Gallery, NYC

May 4 - The Angelica Sanchez Nonet, NYU/DC Abramson Family Auditorium, Washington D.C., presented by Capital Bop

May 24 - Sam Newsome Group, Reggie Nicholson, Hill Greene,  Angelica Sanchez, 7pm, Calvery Baptist Church

May 28 - Vinny Sperrazza, Matt Pavolka, Halyards, Brooklyn, NY 

June 25 - Angelica Sanchez Workshop - Vancouver Jazz Festival, Tommy Lee Music Hall

June 26 - Angelica Sanchez, Chris Speed, James Meger, Kai Basanta, Vancouver Jazz Festival, The Iron Works

June 27 - Darius Jones, Angelica Sanchez, Peggy Lee, Dylan van der Schyff, Vancouver Jazz Festival, The Iron Works

July 23-27 - Langnau Jazz Nights Summer Workshop, Laugnau, Switzerland

Aug 19-23 - The New York Jazz Workshop, Teen & Pre-teen Summer Camp, NYC

Sept. 8 - Rob Mazurek Group, Sardinia, Italy

Sept. 21 - Nicole Mitchell Group, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL

Oct. 4 - Sara Serpa Group, The Stone, Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 11 - Angelica Sanchez, William Parker, Randy Peterson, El Taller, NYC, 8:30pm

Oct. 18 - Devin Gray Group, Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, Canada

Nov. 17 - Paul Dunmall, Mark Sanders, John O’Gallagher, The London Jazz Festival, The Vortex, London, England

Nov. 23 - Chris Speed Group,Aurora Zealand, Angelica Sanchez, John Hollenbeck, Chris Tordini The Stone, NYC

Dec. 21 - Jamaladeen Group - South Jazz Club, Philadelphia, PA


Concerts 2018 

Feb. 28 - Angelica Sanchez. Matt Pavolka, Vinnie Sperrazza, 8pm, HappyLucky no.1, 734 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11216

March 4 - Angelica Sanchez, Tony Malaby, Tom Rainey, Barbes, 7pm, Brooklyn, NY

March 25 - Angelica Sanchez/Omar Tamez - Tierra Mestiza, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 8pm, Inside Out Series, Brookyn, NY

April 10 - Vision Festival, Visionary Youth Orchestra Mentoring Program, 4pm

April 13-15 - Terry Jenoure group, workshop and performance.  University of Massachusetts, Augusta Savage Gallery, Amherst, MA

April 24 - Michael Formanek Quartet w/ Jeremy Viner, Angelica Sanchez, Vinnie Sperrazza, KORZO,  Brooklyn, NY 10:30pm

April 29 - Sam Newsome/Angelica Sanchez, Seed Artist presents, 4pm, 73 See Gallery, MONTCLAIR, NJ

May 4 - Michael Formanek Group, w/ Marty Ehrlich, Taylor Ho Bynum, Angelica Sanchez, Pheeroan AkLaff, 8:30pm The Stone, New School, NYC

May 19 - Charles Gaines: A Visionary Recital (After Terry Adkins) Jaamaladeen Tacuma, Angelica Sanchez, Institute of Contemporary  Art, Miami, FL

May 20 - Sara Serpa Group w/ Erik Friedlander & Angelica Sanchez, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn, NY

June 1 - Marty Ehrlich Quartet, The Stone at the New School, NYC

June 12 - Angelica Sanchez. Matt Pavolka, Vinnie Sperrazza, 7pm, Barbes, Brooklyn, NY

June 24 - Vinny Sperrazza Quartet, Sam Newsome, Zach Lober. Angelica Sanchez, 7pm, Barbes, Brooklyn. NY

June 25 - Mario Pavone Group w/ Pheeroan Aklaff, Angelica Sanchez, Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn, NY

June 30 - Mario Pavone Group w/ Pheeroan Aklaff, Angelica Sanchez, Buttonwood Tree, Middleton, CT

​July 19 - Angelica Sanchez, Steve LaSpina Kevin Norton, William Paterson University, Summer Jazz Room, 4:00pm talk, 7:30pm concert

August 11 - Nicole Mitchell Group, Xenogenesis Suite: A Tribute to Octavia Butler, The Stone, Glass Box Theatre, The New School, NYC

August 17 - TIERRA MESTIZA,  Pausa Art House, Buffalo, NY

August 18 - TIERRA MESTIZA , The Bopshop, 8pm, Rochester, NY

September 19 - Sam Newsome / Angelica Sanchez duo, Mezzrow Jazz Club,  New York, NY

September 22 - Angelica Sanchez/ Marilyn Crispell, 8pm, Greenwich House, NYC


The Angelica Sanchez NONET 

w/ Thomas Heberer, Kenny Warren, Ben Goldberg, Chris Speed, Michael Attias, Omar Tamez,

Sam Ospovat, & John Hebert

September 26 - Greenwich House, NYC
September 27 - Jazz Shares, Amherst, MA
September 28 - Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT


October 5 - Vinny Sperrazza Quartet, Sam Newsome, Angelica Sanchez, Greenwich House, 8pm, NYC

October 11 &12 - Richard Davis Celebration concert, Madison, WI, venue TBA

October 14 - Angelica Sanchez/Michael Formanek, Arts for Art, El Taller on 215 E 99th Street., NYC

October 15 - Kenneth Jimenez Group, Bar Lunatico, 9pm, Brooklyn, NY

October 18 - Mario Pavone Group w/ Mike Sarin, Angelica Sanchez, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC

October 20 - Mario Pavone Group w/ Mike Sarin, Angelica Sanchez, Buttonwood Tree, Middleton, CT

October 25 - Mario Pavone Group w/ Kate Gentile, Angelica Sanchez, AnDie Musik, Baltimore, MD

Nov. 2 -  Lou Grassi Group, w/ Angelica Sanchez, Cecile Broche’,  Ken Filiano, Happy Lucky No. 1, Brooklyn, NY


Angelica Sanchez Stone Residency - Glass Box Theatre, The New School, NYC

Nov. 27 - Angelica Sanchez/ Sam Newsome/ Andrew Cyrille

Nov. 28 - Angelica Sanchez/ Tom Rainey/ Andrew Bishop

Nov. 29 - Angelica Sanchez/Pheeroan Aklafff

Nov. 30 - Angelica Sanchez/ Omar Tamez/ Ramon Lopez

Dec. 1 - The Angelica Sanchez Big Band - 


Herbie Robertson

Nolan Tsang

Tom Killacky

Kenny Warren


Mike McGuiness - tenor

Andrew Bishop- tenor

Gideon Forbes - alto

Caroline Davis - alto

Josh Sinton- bari


Ben Gerstein

Brian Drye

Matt De Leon

Jacob Garchik 

Rhythm Section

Angelica Sanchez

Omar Tamez

Ramon Lopez

Steve LaSpina



Dec. 3 - Angelica Sanchez/ Omar Tamez/ Ramon Lopez, Andrew Drury's Soup and Sound, 8pm, Brooklyn, NY, 

Dec. 4 - Angelica Sanchez/ Omar Tamez/ Ramon Lopez, Korzo, Brooklyn, NY

Dec. 5 -Angelica Sanchez/ Omar Tamez/ Ramon Lopez, Baltimore, MD, tba

Dec. 7 - Angelica Sanchez/ Omar Tamez/ Ramon Lopez, Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY 


Concert 2017

Jan 7th - Winter Fest at Sub Culture, Kris Davis Duo, 7pm

Jan. 11th - w/ Mike McGuiness & Tom Rainey, IBeam

Jan. 17th - Angelica Sanchez/Pheeroan Aklaff, Art for Art, 7pm, 107 Suffolk St.

Jan 24th -  Angelica Sanchez/Pheeroan Aklaff, Korzo,  Brooklyn, NY

Feb. 24th & 25th - Sam Newsome Quartet w/ Mark Helias & Reggie Nicholson, Smalls, 10:30 NYC

March 25th - Wadada Leo Smith/ Angelica Sanchez, 7:30pm, Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek & Tyshawn Sorey, CD Release Concert, 9pm, Greenwich House, NYC

 May 19 - Commissioned piece played by the Roseville Area High School Big Band under the direction of Pat Moriarty, St, Paul, MN

 May 20 - Angelica Sanchez trio w/ Chris Bates, bass & Pete Hennig, drums, 

              Black Dog Cafe & Wine Bar, St. Paul, MN, 8:30pm

July 18  - Kevin Norton’s Breakfast of Champignon(s), 9 pm, The Stone, NYC

August 16 - Master Class 2:30pm- SIM, School for Improvised Music, Brooklyn, NY,

September 2 - Kris Davis/Angelica Sanchez, Willisau Jazz Festival, Willisau, Switzerland

October 12 - Ben Goldberg Group - Michael Formanek / Tim Berne / Angelica Sanchez / Kenny Wollesen , The STONE, NYC

October 23 - Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek and Reggie Nicholson Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn, NY

October 27th & 28th - Sam Newsome Quartet,  Smalls,  NYC

Nov. 16 - Harris Eisenstadt Group w/ Sara Serpa and Angelica Sanchez, The Owl, Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 21 - Angelica Sanchez Group, Barbes, 7pm, Brooklyn

Dec. 13 - Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek / Kenny Wollesen , Art for Art, Justice is Compassion, 7pm, The Clemente, NYC,


Concerts 2016

1/22/16 – Brandon Ross, Chad Taylor – Art for Art Evolving series, Clemente Soto Vez, NYC

2/1/16 –  Josh Sinton Group – Korzo, Brooklyn, NY

2/15/16 – Gergor Vidic Group, Seeds, Brooklyn, NY

2/27/16 – Tierra Mestiza, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez, Windup Space, Baltimore, MD

3/8/16 – Tierra Mestiza, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez, CD Release of Floresta


The Stone Residency

March 15th

8pm – Guillermo Gregorio, Kirk Knuffke, Kevin Norton, Angelica Sanchez

10pm – Kenny Wessel, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez


March 16th

8pm – William Parker, Pheeroan Aklaff, Angelica Sanchez

10pm - Angelica Sanchez Trio w/ Michael Formanek and Tyshawn Sorey


March 17th

Set 5 - Angelica Sanchez, Judith Berkson, Mark Helias, Satoshi Takeishi

Set 6 – Angelica Sanchez - solo


March 18th

Set 7 – Tierra Mestiza - Angelica Sanchez/Omar Tamez

Set 8 – Magico w/ Vincent Chancey, Angelica Sanchez and Omar Tamez


March 19th

Set 9 – Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey Trio

Set 10 – Fortuna w/ Omar Tamez, Harvey Sorgen, Steve Rust


March 20th

Set 8pm & 10pm – Angelica Sanchez Nonet w/

Thomas Heberer, Kirk Knuffke, Chris Speed, Michael Attias, Ben Goldberg, Omar Tamez, John Hebert, Sam Ospovat


3/27/16 - Tierra Mestiza, Omar Tamez, Angelica Sanchez, Art for Art Evolving Series

4/22/16 - Angelica Sanchez/ Pheeroan Aklaff Duo, Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY

4/23/16 - Tony Malaby, Angelica Sanchez, Tom Rainey,  Connection Works, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
9/16/16 - Angelica Sanchez Nonet, featuring: Chris Speed, Michael Attias, Ben Goldberg, Kirk Knuffke, Thomas Heberer, Omar Tamez, Sam Ospovat, John Hebert, Greenwich House, NYC

9/22/16- Kevin Norton's Breakfast of Champignon(s) , Interpretations series, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY,

9/23-24/16 - Sam Newsome Group, Smalls, NYC

10/9/16 - Tierra Mestiza, w/ Angelica Sanchez and Omar Tamez, Barbes, 7:30pm, Brooklyn, NY

10/21/16 - Tierra Mestiza, w/ Angelica Sanchez and Omar Tamez, The Bop Shop, Rochester, NY

11/13/16 - Marty Ehrlich Trio - The Stone, NYC