In her piano playing as well as her compositions Angelica Sanchez seeks out the lyrical heartbeat within any avant-garde storm... 

                                                      - The New York Times



Sanchez's provocative writing - full of evocative harmonies and open-ended forms showcases her flair for counterpoint and marks her as a formidable talent...

                                                                                         - JazzTimes Magazine



Upcoming Concerts 2020


Jan. 10 - Malaby, Sanchez, Rainey Trio - Greenwich House, NYC


Feb. 18 -  Sam Newsome Quartet, Smalls Club, NYC


Feb. 29 - Dave Ballou Group, Towson University, Maryland


March 16 - CANCELLED- Angelica Sanchez Trio, Bar Lunatico, Brooklyn, NY


April 5 - CANCELLED Kenneth Jimenez Group, The Owl, Brooklyn, NY


April 10-11 - CANCELLED Sam Newsome Quartet, Smalls Club, NYC


April  22 - CANCELLED Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble - Xenogenisis, Hall Walls, Buffalo, NY



Nov. 17 - Paul Dunhill, Mark Sanders, John O’Gallagher, The London Jazz Festival, The Vortex, London, England

Latest CD


Angelica Sanchez & Marilyn Crispell


How to Turn the Moon

Angelica Sanchez Nonet w/,Chris Speed, Ben Goldberg, Thomas Heberer, Kenny Warren, Omar Tamez, Sam Ospavot, John Hebert, Michael Attias