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The Angelica Sanchez Nonet, "Nighttime Creatures," Pyroclastic Label, Release date, Oct 27, 2023

Angelica Sanchez Trio, "Sparkle Beings", w/ Billy Hart & Michael Formanek, Sunnyside Records

Malaby/Sanchez Rainey  - "Huapango,"  RogueArt

Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra, "Lightning Dreamers," International Anthem

Angelica Sanchez /Marilyn Crispell, "How to Turn the Moon," Pyroclastic Records

Angelica Sanchez Trio, w/ Michael Formanek and Tyshawn Sorey, "Float the Edge, " Clean Feed 

Richard Davis Group, w/ Aska Kaneko & Andrew Cyrille, TBA

Wadada Leo Smith / Angelica Sanchez "Twine Forest,"  Clean Feed Records

Angelica Sanchez Quintet -  "Wires and Moss," Clean Feed Records

Rob Mazurek -  "Pulsar Quartet,"  Delmar Records

Harris Eisenstadt  - "September Trio," Clean Feed Records

Angelica Sanchez  - "A Little House,"  Clean Feed Records

Wadada Leo Smith Organic   - "Hearts Reflection,"  Cuneiform

Angelica Sanchez  - "Life Between," Clean Feed Records

Sunny Kim - "Painter's Eye,"  Sunnyside Records

Malaby/Sanchez Rainey  - "Alive in Brooklyn," - Sarama Records

Malaby/Sanchez Rainey  - "Alive in Brooklyn Vol 2," Sarama Records

Angelica Sanchez Quartet -  "Mirror Me,"  Omnitone

Matt Bauder  "Day In Pictures," Clean Feed Records

Chad Taylor’s Circle Down  Circle Down  482 Music